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dog boarding and training

We host your pal and live with them as if they were in your own home. [su_spacer] This allows us to fix things first hand as they occur over an extended period of time. [su_spacer] We also take your dog out into public places every day such as walks to pet friendly restaurants, parks and other fun excursions. [su_spacer] The goal of doing this is to place your dog in high distraction settings to put their newly learned commands to the test. [su_spacer] We always give you our full contact information, and post pictures and videos on are social media sites to update you with your dog’s progress. [su_spacer] Rest assured they are safe, fully stimulated and learning around the clock.
Dog boarding and training programs are styled with busy lifestyles in mind. [su_spacer] These programs are conducted in the safety and comfort of our dog trainer’s homes. Our team will work with your dog continuously throughout the day. [su_spacer] The amount of repetitions we are able to perform are beyond what are able to be done in private lessons, and typically what most families would be able to do on their own. [su_spacer]
We consistently hear from our customers that these are our most valued programs because of the amount of learning your dog learns with us in a dedicated training environment. [su_spacer] We offer three different program options – 7, 10 or 14 days. Each one is recommended for certain types of dogs: [su_spacer]
  • Our 7 day program is generally designed to learn basic commands
  • Our 10 day program is generally designed is for addressing various behavioral issues
  • Our 14 day program is generally designed for aggressive dogs
[su_spacer] As always each of our programs is tailored to your needs. After our free Meet N’ Greet and the chance to assess your training needs, we can modify the length and focus of each program. [su_spacer] For example, a 14 day program may be applicable to a puppy that needs to learn basic commands but would also benefit from a longer duration due to their limited attention span.
Our goal is always also to help you become a more confident handler. [su_spacer] We work to educate you so that your dog will have continued success upon completion of one of our programs. At the end of each program we provide you with a return lesson to walk your family through everything your dog learned throughout their stay. We also work with each member of your family during the return lesson to help you practice the new commands with us present to guide you. [su_spacer] We will also set up a post-training action plan with you to ensure that you both stay on track. [su_spacer] We want you and your dog to be completely satisfied with your service. [su_spacer] That’s why we offer free tune-up lessons with our professional dog trainers after the completion of any of our programs. [su_spacer] We will not stop until you are satisfied.

We offer a variety of flexible training options with you and your dog in mind.

Contact us today to set up a Meet N’ Greet for a free dog training consultation & set-up a personalized training plan. dog boarding and training